About Pupsutra

When we rescued Brownie from my school (I wish someone had rescued me from my school too!) she was a wee thing living on DDT, ants and whatever else she could scrounge from the dark corners of the girls’ waiting room. I wanted a dog because my cousin’s kept trying to bite me, and I figured having one of my own will even the odds. I was so young and ignorant (about dog-raising) that I didn’t even know if she was a boy or a girl until she got pregnant (We never bothered to ask our vet that question!)

As ladylike as you'd ever expect a lady to be. Dignified. Quiet.

As ladylike as you’d ever expect a lady to be. Dignified. Quiet.

Bush was one of a litter of five, and while that gave me an invaluable ringside seat to the evolution of a pup – from a blind, helpless waif to a snarling, growling, fighting, sibling-shoving ball of fur – it was never a process that enhanced my knowledge. Brownie looked after her pups without ever getting over-protective, and Bush never needed more company when he had his siblings to play with and a mother who looked after them lovingly. I had as much to do with him growing up into a smart, intelligent, obedient, loving, empathetic companion as I had to do with sending a man to Mars.

My 'firstborn'. Always around. Even now, I know he is.

My ‘firstborn’. Always around. Even now, I know he is.

In those days, my sister was (hyper-)active in the local chapter of People For Animals, and we’ve played 1-week-host to abandoned pups and kittens. I didn’t follow those footsteps.

Until 2014.

July, 2014, to be exact.

Someone posted on Facebook about finding a pup in a garbage bin. She needed to find a puppies’ shelter that would take them in; long story short, that pup entered our lives. (More on that in the first post)

Gowri, my wife, has never raised a dog; I can say I have, but that’d be… well, that would be undoglike. But 2014 is a lot different from 1994/’97. There is the older-and-wiser bit, obviously, but there’s also an Internet that’s chock full of stuff on how to raise a dog.

This blog is our way of passing on that favour. Maybe someone somewhere will find this useful. Maybe someone’ll adopt a pup instead of ordering one. Maybe it will be the nudge that’s necessary to step in and do a rescue. And if nothing else, it will be a nice place for you to know a little pup who refused to give up, and what he does with us.

[Update on February 4, 2017: Today, apart from Buttons – our brave, crazy little rescued boy in whose honour this blog was started – we also have a gentle golden-hearted Indie boy who goes by the name Scooby. We also parent Appu and Appu-II, two community dogs in the apartment complex, and three streeties outside: Arrow, Quiver, and Wiley. They are all super-cute, super-smart and really funny, and you will find stories about all of them here!]


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