The Indefatigable Madame Sunny

Sunny (Leone) is one of our landlord’s two dogs. She recently turned a year old. In this short span of time, this little lady has:

  • Been in a horrible car accident
  • Lost a hind leg in the said accident
  • Given birth to two puppies
  • Lost both of the puppies in a span of two days
  • Fallen into a sump filled with water
  • Survived after tirelessly swimming for 10 minutes until she was found

She is a spirited little creature, this pomeranian-indie cross. She loves playing with Silk, her furry sister and her two hooman siblings. She never lets the absence of a leg get in the way of a good run – in fact, she zooms around faster than all the other dogs in the neighourhood. If there was ever a fighter, it is this girl, and every time I hear a new story about her adventures, I pray fervently that she lives unscathed to a ripe old age to tell these tales.



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