Fostering Attempt #1

A few weeks ago, a litter of six puppies appeared in the middle of a large grassy patch in our office complex. Their mother comes around regularly to keep an eye on them; animal lovers from the various companies in the complex feed them milk, kibble, biscuits, and rotis; the guards have so far remained neutral, if not particularly friendly, towards them.

Yesterday, SR and I stopped by to check on them and give them some food – it being a Saturday, no one else would have been around. That’s when we noticed that one of them had a big bandage on her forehead. A guy and a girl were sitting there, watching them play, and spotting a bandage roll in his hand, I asked him what had happened.

The pup, named Chikku, had apparently got into a skirmish and had had a nasty gash on her forehead. So the two of them had taken her to the vet and gotten her stitches. Now they were worried that the bandage would come off during play, especially since Golu and Jumbo, the two alphas of the group, could get a little too rough.

That’s when SR and I volunteered to bring her home, keep her with us over the weekend until the stitches healed, and drop her back at her spot on Monday. It’s only been 18 hours since she came home and she’s already stealing hearts!

She has the whole guest room (or in B’s mind, his dining room) to herself. We bathed her yesterday and let her get used to the environment in peace. This morning, I let B meet her – he had been prowling around the door, convinced that there was a third party in the house, but unsure about who it was. Both of them behaved admirably. She curious, yet calm, and he, curious but wary (in typical B fashion). After sniffing around each other, B decided to keep away from the strange tiny creature and went over to his part of the living room. Madame was smart enough to know not to follow him.

Then came the more daunting task of introducing her to S. S, while an angel to humans, is a complete jerk when it comes to animals of all kinds – even animated ones on TV! This time, I held C in my hand, above S’ reach and let him smell her. One second, he’d be smelling her; the next, he’d be growling. She trembled in my arms for a second, but soon realized that I wouldn’t let him get her.

That’s when all her feistiness came back. Sitting like a pixie princess on the sofa, she growled low at S when he tried to stare her down. And guess who decided to back off? 😀

Right now, she is sleeping in the guest room and the boys are in the hall. Everyone seems to be rather uncertain about the new visitor. B’s strategy seems to be to pretend she doesn’t exist – much like Appu and Bonko the Rottweiler. S seems to be in a “I won’t jump at her as long as you are around, Amma” mode. So I am being very alert and cautious – at the same time, I can’t help feeling proud of my boys for having risen to the occasion so admirably!


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