Who’s parenting whom?

Most days, I am dead beat by the time I get back from work. I vegetate on the sofa until it’s past midnight and then either fall asleep there or drag myself to the bedroom. But on some days, I get a random burst of energy around 11pm and go into a tidying-up frenzy. Scrubbing the kitchen countertops, dusting the top of the fridge and cabinets, doing laundry, the works.

This usually happens after SR has gone to bed. And even if he’s awake he gives me an impressive eye-roll and waits just long enough to make sure I don’t seriously expect him to chip in. But do I feel lonely? Never!

Either B or S will lie down at a strategic spot in the hall from where they can keep an eye on me. If S chooses to do this, B goes into the bedroom, but still positions himself so that I am in his direct line of sight. They stay that way until I’m done with my stuff and am ready to turn in. B also speeds me along by sighing deeply and mournfully at intervals, especially when he feels I am taking too long.

The same thing happens if I fall asleep on the sofa by accident. From past experience, By an unwritten rule, SR never wakes me up in these situations but just finds me a pillow and blanket. But either S or B will stay in the hall with me, curled up on one of the armchairs if it’s winter and on the floor if it’s summer.

Or if I am unwell and lie in all day, I know I will have S curling up next to me, occasionally peering into my face hopefully to check if I’m better and licking my nose to make sure I am; and I know I will have B lying right under the bed, not eating or drinking but with a worried look on his little face until I get up, assure him I’m okay, and eat a few bites myself.

Last week, when SR got some bad news over the phone, he says he made an involuntary exclamation of dismay and the next instant, the puppers had run to him from different parts of the house, jumping up on his knees to make sure he was fine.

The love and care these two have for us is just incredible – it overwhelms us sometimes and makes us tear up. Nobody, nobody, will ever love and adore us the way dogs do – words cannot do justice to how precious they make you feel.

Sometimes, I have this urge to run out on the street, stop every person passing by, and tell them – “Do you have a dog at home? You MUST – it will change your life!”

Perhaps this blog is my way of doing just that.


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