Love At First Sight And Other Tails

We brought B home because he looked so tiny, so pathetic in his adoption appeal post. A black and white waif with an overbite, tied to a balcony railing with a pajama drawstring. When he gives himself airs and graces these days, I remind him of his humble beginnings. Not that he pays any attention, of course.

But with Doob Doob (or Scooby as the Income Tax Department knows him), it was different.

We brought him home because we fell in love.

In November 2015, we were actively looking for a second dog and had sent out multiple feelers. We had sort of made up our minds to get a female Indie because they are the ones who struggle to find homes. But though there were many Indie girls up for adoption, we didn’t get around to meeting any of them. The only one we met was an adorable Spitz whose owner, a girl, was getting married and moving to the USA and whose mother was too old to look after the dog. But Brownie, as he was called, was terrified and angry, and despite us trying to be friends with him for over two hours, would not even approach us. Finally, we told his sister that we would come back another day and try again. On the way home, we made plans on when we could come again next, but we also had slight misgivings because Brownie seemed to be very similar in temperament to Buttons and honestly, how much of that could anyone really handle?

It was nearly nine in the night when we got a call from a guy named Deepak. He said he was moving out of town in four days and had a dog he needed to urgently rehome and were we looking for one? We were pretty angry with him – why couldn’t he take the dog with him? A dog is for life! And if circumstances were such that he really, really couldn’t, then wasn’t it a little late in the day to start looking for a home? But we said yes – we’d like to meet him and his dog.

We suggested that we would meet them in neutral territory the following day along with B to see how they would get along. But Deepak was insistent – he had the dog with him now and would drive past our place to get to his. So couldn’t he just drop in and meet us? We didn’t know what to say – but ended up agreeing.

Nervous, yet excited, we waited for him. When he reached our apartment and called, SR went downstairs to meet him. Five minutes later, the doorbell rang, and with B dancing around, barking like mad, I opened the door to find the most beautiful, adorable dog I had ever set my eyes on.


He was like a little golden angel with a gentle gaze and a beatific smile, looking up at me, tail wagging. He seemed to be saying, “Hello there, here I am.”

And there he was. In that instant, I fell in love with him.

Today, Scooby has been with us for a little over a year, but it feels like forever. Every day, we wonder at the miraculous turn of events that brought him to us. He is as gentle and loving as he was on the day we first met him, loves cuddling and neck rubs – in fact, insists on it 24×7 – loves food but gulps it down so fast he has no idea what he’s eaten. He loves his brother but is not a fan of other dogs; yet, has learned to behave well with Appu and Appu II when he goes for a walk downstairs. He is calm by disposition and is unfazed by most noises and disturbances, unlike his hyperactive barker brother B.

He is a little appa-konji – a real Daddy’s boy. I say it’s because SR is usually sweaty and Scooby loves strong smells – but it does make me jealous, yet delighted to see SR and S together. At night, S sleeps between SR and me, cuddling up first against one of us and then the other, all night long.

When he wants attention, he asks for it unhesitatingly, jumping up on the sofa and putting a paw on our knee. He has a delightful way of peering into your face with his bright, serene brown eyes, and then giving you a little lick on the tip of your nose.

He doesn’t really get games the way anna does and usually gets overenthusiastic and hyper when Appa-mma try to play with him, incurring anna’s wrath. He would rather settle down between Appa and Amma and be cuddled and stroked, no matter how long they’ve been doing it already.

He loves his anna and loves playing with him. Sometimes, anna is grumpy and doesn’t want to play, but Scooby keeps trying, giving play bow after play bow until anna sighs and gets up to play. And then they have so much fun!

Scooby doesn’t enjoy being around groups of dogs – it’s too much to handle, frankly. His anna is a real dog person though and frolics around with other dogs. But Scooby thinks the other dogs are attacking anna – so he growls at them and manages to look quite scary. So, appa-mma take Scooby away, and then, of course, anna has to come too. And this makes anna pissed off with Scooby. But then Scooby feels proud of himself for having saved anna from a horrible fate – so he pays no attention.

I could go on and on in this vein, but I will stop now, thanking my stars that this darling boy came to us. Like I tell SR all the time, S belongs to us – he is our baby, so it didn’t matter where he was or we were – the fates got him to us. We weren’t looking for him, but he came anyway, crossing the skies for us, curled up in the footwell of a a rickety Activa scooter.

I will always be thankful for that.



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