My name is Buttons. I just met you. And I love you.

Someone threw the little fellow you see here into the garbage last week. And as if that wasn’t enough, he was put into a plastic bag which was then tied off.

A good samaritan, Ms. Seema Sharma, had the heart to rescue him when she heard the cries. This little fellow had somehow managed to cut the plastic cover so that he could breathe, but he was still so weak that Ms. Sharma had to feed him with a spoon for a couple of days while he recovered his strength. She used a group on Facebook, ‘Put Me In Touch’ (PMIT), to locate a shelter for puppies like him, but (un?)fortunately, none of the shelters (PFA, CUPA, etc.) would take one younger than four months because the chance of such a young tyke contracting a (fatal) infection from other, older dogs is very high. He was also quite needy at the time of his rescue – perhaps the trauma he’d suffered needed the constant reassurance of kinder human presence.

I thought I’d done what I could, until I heard back from her that she still hadn’t been able to find a place for him (and her own situation, with a toddler to look after, wasn’t one where you could expect her to look after one more baby). She put up a pic of a lost waif, and something tugged hard. I checked with my wife, and she knew what I was going to say even before I’d finished the first sentence. A little while (and a lot of self-questions) later, we told Seema we’d take him off her hands, at least for the time being.

Buttons (nee Hero) taken a day or two after his rescue.

Buttons (nee Hero) a couple of days after his rescue.

His name is Buttons.

And this is his story.



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